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$10,793.73    Mites utilized for Volunteer Missionaries in 2005-2006

$ 300        Alaskan VBS
$ 300        Trip to Niger to share art and the Gospel
$2700       Group of 9 from Concordia University--Irvine to Biloxi, MI
                 to help with Katrina cleanup efforts
$ 300        a 30-month trip to Japan commissioned by LCMS World
$ 300        a CUI graduate to continue her schooling to become a DCE
$ 600        trip to the Philippines to train evangelists and also hold 
                 a series of crusades
$ 793.73   Group from St. Paul's, San Diego, to New Orleans in
 _______   December
$5293.73  Total Mites distributed in 2005 for Volunteer Missionaries

$2100        Group of 7 from Concordia University--Irvine to go to Hungary
$2400        Group of 8 from Grace Lutheran, Lancaster, CA to New Orleans
$  300        A pastor to go to India to train pastors and hold crusades
$  300        1 volunteer to New Orleans
$  400        2 people on a trip to Juarez, Mexico
$5500        Total Mites Distributed in 2006 for Volunteer Missionaries
                   (the total amount that was allocated for VM from unused Mission
                    Grant funds.)

Success Story!

Through this extended use of Mite donations, we have enabled and assisted these volunteers as they have reached out to others with the love of God in Jesus Christ. Many have given their silver and their gold, and many have offered their hands and their feet, all in obedient service to our Lord. Praise God for faithful servants. 

This has been a true success story, made possible because of the generous hearts and passion for mission of the women of our PSD LWML and so many others.  People all over the world have heard and seen and felt the love of God in Christ through these volunteers, and the volunteers themselves have been blessed and stretched in their faith by this.  Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this program, and please keep praying for continued funding sources.

The Gospel Outreach Committee will be looking for ways to continue supporting individuals and groups in their efforts to reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


To find out more go to the LCMS Word Mission web site or write LCMS World Missions, 1333 S. Kirkwood Rd., St. Louis, MO  63122-7295 or phone 1-800-433-3954.

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