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Mite-y Mites

December 31, 2005 marks the end of the biennium for mite-giving. Our district is truly blessed by mite-givers.

However, we are currently behind in our giving to national LWML. Please consider making a special year-end MITE-Y MITES donation.

Send your check to Karen Duprey, or give it to your local treasurer in plenty of time for her to meet the December 31 deadline.



Mite Mailing Address

Remember to send mite offerings to Karen Duprey, district financial secretary. Make checks payable to LWML Pacific Southwest District.

Karenís address is in every issue of the WOW. Here it is once more: Karen Duprey, Financial Secretary, 8228 Vista Del Rosa, Downey, CA 90240.

Please note: Do not send mites to national LWML. Weíve been informed that some of our mites are being sent to national LWML in error.

Student mission team
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You were a part of that. Thank you for making this possible. I will forever be in debt. ó In His Service, Sally Puls

Following is a brief excerpt from an e-mail sent by Pastor Steven Borst while he was in Mississippi.

All is well with the team. We have been working hard and sleeping well. We have finished three homes. One only had two feet of flooding, the second had four feet, and the last had flooding which went two feet above the ceiling. Many of the volunteers here are retired, so the camp is thrilled with our teamís "youthfulness." Please pray for us and, more importantly, for the volunteer effort that is going on here. The task is monumental.

Pastor Borst also corresponded with Linda Koch, VP of Gospel Outreach, and Joann Bradley, President, following the return of the student mission team that he led to Mississippi. His letter follows.

Dear Linda and JoAnn, Our Mississippi Mission Team arrived safely back to LAX early Wednesday morning. We are all safe, and the Lord really blessed our travels and our work. Your prayers for us were heard by our gracious God, and we thank you for them. We thank you again also for helping to make this trip possible.

We saw many things, smelled the mold-infested interiors of homes that had been flooded, greeted the owners who were so grateful that we would come from California to help them in a small way. We learned that our real task wasnít cleaning out homes (which we did nine hours each day), but to witness to people through our work. At the end of each day, we gave the homeowners a Bible which we all had signed, and prayed with them. It was very moving.

The trip for me was very humbling. I learned that devastation in this broken world is great, for this storm did more than just ruin homes; it ruined lives. Many middle-class families such as ourselves have found themselves penniless overnight. But my heart was so encouraged by the outpouring of Christian love through thousands of volunteers. The Christian church in the South has done an amazing job, and communities know that the place to get help (while they are waiting for FEMA and insurance adjustors) is the Church. If the devastation is great, Godís love is greater. The message of Jesus is being proclaimed to hearts that need hope. ó Blessings to you, Steven

District Web Site

Check out the PSW District Web site at Betty Trantow does a great job of posting information we all need to know. Need to find out something about the convention? Wondering about how the mission grants are doing? Check it out, and give us your feedback. Itís your site. E-mail suggestions to Sue Shiller at




      Insert  WOW     Winter      2005-06

Extreme Makeover: Body, Soul and Spirit!

Surprise! You have been selected for an Extreme Makeover: Body, Soul and Spirit! Join the Pacific Southwest District Presidentís Commission on Women for its 6th conference on Saturday, February 25, 2006 at Christ Lutheran Church, 706 Victoria St., Costa Mesa, CA.

We invite you to share a day of fun and fellowship as our featured speaker, Lois Voeltz from Glendora, AZ, shares the tools, resources, and joys of the best makeover possible, a new life in Christ. Information and registration brochures were mailed to all Pacific Southwest District churches at the end of October.

The cost is $25 per person or $20 per person if four or more registrations are sent together. Lunch is included in the cost. For more information, contact Diana Orr at 714-736-7846 or